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Learn To Fly 2 Hacked

[Total: 216   Average: 3.8/5]

Send your penguin flying through the stratosphere in the cute, energetic, and overall addicting game Learn To Fly 2. This is an exciting strategy game in which you teach a penguin to fly to the greatest of heights one click at a time. But be careful! You will need to wisely spend and save your money if you ever want to soar to the skies! You start this game as a meager penguin with aspirations of flight. You find yourself starting with very basic equipment, but not to fear, because each time you fly you earn credits based on how well you perform. You can turn around and spend these credits on some really powerful, or silly, gear. Attach balloons to your penguin and send him crawling up the screen in order to save up for high-powered rockets which will blast your little penguin to the stars. Game Learn To Fly 2 Hacked will keep you clicking and tapping away as you find yourself trying out combinations of new strategies and gear. As more and more powerful upgrades become available you find the strategy of the game changes, making this game as dynamic as it is fun. There is an incredible amount of detail that is shoved into this Learn To Fly 2 Hacked game and you will find yourself searching for all the neat little hidden gems that make this homely title a classic in flash games. There is hardly an unfunny way to blast a penguin through the sky, but this game really encapsulates the cheeky and whimsical nature of flash gaming. Once you have beaten the game once, you will surely want to replay with the newfound understanding of the game, and Learn to Fly 2 rewards this by giving several different play-through options. Learn To Fly 2 Hacked is a great game that is relaxing, rewarding, and addictive, but most of all, a whole lot of fun for everyone. Teach little penguin to fly and help him to achieve his aim as well as give fun to yourself.

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